About Me

I have always had a natural curiosity for how things work, down to the theories of physics and mathematics. I am always seeking ways to learn about my surroundings, whether at work or just walking around. If I see or hear about something new I like to go educate myself about what it is and how it works. When I work with apprentices, I encourage them to do the same. I work around knowledge all day, you just need to have a little initiative to turn that knowledge into a skill. In my free time I am either designing something or I am scuba diving. I am currently designing an SAP computer out of logic gates. I also am working with microcomputers; programming them in C. I am currently designing and building my own printed circuit boards. The passion for how things work goes back to when I was young taking telephones apart to see how they work. In high school I took an electronics class and learned more about analog and digital circuits and the theory behind them. That class gave me the opportunity to build computers and I was asked to network the whole high school. Being an electrician has enabled me to gain and use the electrical theory principles in my every day work.


I am a licensed electrician in the state of Massachusetts with 12 years of experience in medium to large scale commercial, industrial and government contracted electrical construction projects. I spent five years as foreman, where I was required to plan, stock and manage resources to meet deadlines, budget and design specifications based on a set of engineered drawings. I coordinated with other trades and owners representation to ensure that the design and installation met both local codes and design requirements, while maintaining the desired scheduling and contracted finish deadlines. I ran a commercial electrical service van for two years, which required me to trouble shoot a multitude of electrical systems, including fire alarm, motors and controls, HVAC controls, PLC components, security and card access systems, and power distribution issues on a day to day basis.

During my 12 years I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of teams and electrical systems. The projects I have had the pleasure to be involved with have allowed me to work with various electrical systems including PLCs , lighting control systems, motor controls, VFDs, automation systems, fire alarms, security systems, and large power distribution and solar systems with both generator and battery backup. The many projects I have worked on include water treatment plants, gold refining, automation of a silver nitrate reactor, programming, installation and training of lighting controls, integration of building management systems and lab environments.


I am currently looking to apply my skills and expertise toward my long-time passion — computer and software engineering. I would like to capitalize on my electrical background to secure a position in a company in the computer and software engineering field. I am currently applying to colleges in the Orlando area to pursue a degree in computer engineering.